Craft Cocktails } Anywhere

Mobile bartending for private parties, corporate events, weddings and more.


Craft Cocktails } Anywhere



Excellence } Nothing Less

In the world of service and hospitality, excellence occurs when a task is performed well with the sole purpose of providing enjoyment. For the bartender, this takes experience, fervor, a compelling product and, above all, a natural tendency to care (and it helps to know a joke or two). Without these traits, the bartender is not fully able to augment the guest experience. That is our philosophy, anyway. In fact, they are our standards. For us, excellence is a reflex.

Services } First-class


We take our years of training behind demanding craft cocktail bars and apply it to your special occasion. We like to add the right touch with specialty drinks, hand-carved ice, and fresh and homemade ingredients. Headquartered in our beloved Knoxville, we service the city and greater Rocky Top.


A thoughtful menu is a compelling menu. We approach our beverage menus with the same reverence and appreciation as a skilled chef. We view the construction of a menu as an opportunity to introduce guests to new and remarkable flavors as well as showcase our mastery of classic cocktails.

Cocktail Courses

Want to refine your technique and make better drinks? Ever wondered about the history and folklore of cocktails? Curious what all that barware is for? Feeling adventurous and want to get experimental with signature drinks of your own? We can guide with fun, hands-on and informative classes.

Quality } Unparalleled

We take precision and consistency in drink-making seriously. The details matter, right down to the garnish. We distill these principles with fresh and handmade ingredients, choice spirits, and well executed drinks in a timely fashion in order to maximize your experience. It’s all then fortified with unrivaled service and our uncompromising care for you and your guests.

Customers } Satisfied

“First of all, I cannot say enough complimentary things about Palmer Mason and Craft Accommodations. From his personality to work ethic, Palmer has made hosting any event stress and worry free! Whether it has been providing bar tending services for a tailgate, dinner party, or wedding, Palmer never misses the mark with the quality and attention to detail he puts into every concoction. The passion he has for his craft is evident in every cocktail he makes. Craft Accommodations provides a bar tending service like none I have ever seen in this area. I will never host an event without the bartending expertise of Palmer and Craft Accommodations, and neither should you!”

– Jerrin N.

Events } Elevated



“A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.”

-Danny Meyer